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Park Charlotte: 704-375-3701
Pecan NFL: 704-333-7275
Fax: 704-895-6621

PO Box 11001
Charlotte, NC 28220-1001

Rules & Regulations

Parking Agreement:

  1. Payments for monthly parking (online or checks by mail) are due by the 25th of the preceding month.
  2. A current hang tag must be displayed on the rearview mirror while parked on the parking lot.
  3. Monthly parking hours are 6:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. Hang tags will not be honored for night or weekend Special Event Parking.
  4. Either party to this agreement may cancel this parking agreement by giving the other party not less than a fifteen day cancellation notice. If ParkCharlotte, Inc. does not receive a fifteen day notice of cancellation, a charge for the fifteen days will be charged to your account.
  5. Parkers will be charged $25.00 for all non-sufficient fund checks.
  6. Parking lots are monitored periodically, but ParkCharlotte, Inc., does not maintain full time security on the parking lots. ParkCharlotte, Inc., assumes no responsibility for personal loss through fire, theft collision or otherwise to vehicles or contents. Lock your vehicle.
  7. Payment of your parking will indicate acceptance of this agreement.
  8. There will be a charge of $5.00 to reissue or replace your hang tag.

Please inform us of any changes in licenses plate numbers, vehicles, mail address and /or telephone numbers by using our Contact Page.

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